Dínoma was born as a place to empower ideas around the different business. Creative designers give input to every business that gets involved in the group according to the specific needs, budgets, and vision. 

The founder, Camilo Ayala G. believes that small business with the right tools can grow sustainable in the market for the long term when the spirit of creativity and evolution of ideas lies within. 

More than a conventional studio where designers develop a particular project for a client, Dínoma presents itself as a hub where the entire business vision is debated, restructured and monitored with a creative input to head towards a permanent position in the related market.

Working in different areas through the years has given us the opportunity to gain a unique vision of what a small business should be. For us, inside Dínoma is more important to have few friends as members of “The Group” where their business can be monitored and furthermore improved, than a huge list of clients where no relationships are ever developed.

There is a huge difference for us between a client, a business partner, and a business friend. We like to have more friends than clients and partners.

If you believe that we can improve your business through a long lasting relationship, contact us; we will love to hear your story through a nice dinner or a cup of coffee!

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founded in 2005 with our first business friend.


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