founded in 2005 with our first business friend.



BOGOTÁ, colombia

This is where all started. In the year 2005 who in the beginning was supposed to be our “first client”, ask us to develop a whole concept of wellness experience. We began by designing the space, the brand and so on. Later in 2007 they realize that the boom of Spa´s and healthcare was following the path we predicted some years before. The business needed to move forward and we embarked again, but this time we decided to stay. The jewel to protect after their 25 years experience in the field was the unique service only they are allowed to provide. Far from crowded places of their competitors, Cosmetología y Estética de Luz Stella García hides its treasure under her hands. 
cll 93 # 13 - 42  cons 301 phone: +57 1 762 3813 / 312 586 4467 / Bogotá, Colombia


BOGOTÁ, colombia

A Chef’s dream is coming true. After spending 12 years around the world learning and knowing all different tastes from different cultures, Luis Guillermo Pulido and his wife have embarked into a trip to their own success. Dínoma is proud to become their business friend developing a service concept called Al Cubo. Six different options for the day is the strategy we want to enhance to provide customers with a unique food experience. 
Calle 95 # 11ª - 24 Local 2 / phone: +571 6 17 00 89 / Bogotá, Colombia

a group of design ideas


BOGOTÁ, colombia

Somos un equipo de personas fascinadas con la magia que sucede al aplicar el pensamiento creativo a las empresas. Sabemos que la diversidad es la base de la visualización de oportunidades y la construcción
de posibilidades. Hemos caminado varias rutas de aprendizaje como empleados, emprendedores, líderes de equipos, formadores, consultores y (siempre) soñadores. Queremos compartir toda esta experiencia y aprendizaje apoyando a otros a moldear sus sueños de emprendimiento, es nuestra pasión.

EBOCA - Que COmemos hoy?

BOGOTÁ, colombia

Eboca is a Regenerated Food Business aimed to bring high quality food with no preservatives or additives of any kind, to your table at home. You can order from a varied and tasty menu a premium selection from our chef, dishes that can remain safely refrigerated over two months. The food will arrive at your place and with a simple technique developed by professional cooks; you will enjoy a gastronomic experience like no other.