a group of design ideas

founded in 2005 with our first business friend.


dante donegani & giovanni Lauda Studio

Milano, Italy

The Relationship with the studio began in the year 2008. We powered the studio with ideas that ended with the design of the Eolo hybrid Lamp for the company Rotaliana. After launching the product during “il Salone” 2009, we continued collaborations in a whole series of amazing projects around the kitchen, living spaces and illumination. Actually we are challenging together into the future of materials among domestic spaces and the relationship with the people. 
Via Plutarco 11. MILANO 20145, Italia. Phone: +39 0249 849890

Domus Academy

Milano, Italy

After completing a Master’s course at DA in the year 2007, we began a long-lasting and fruitful collaboration. From tutoring, lectures & exhibitions to consulting prospect students in Latin America. We are honored to be more than ambassadors from this excellent school of Design.

LAUREATE - Arts And Design

Central America & the Caribbean, Colombia

The year 2012 gave birth to an enormous challenge when Laureate, represented by NSB Consulting in Latin America offers Dínoma a collaboration to increase the presence of their group in Colombia. This has been a wonderful experience due to the great economic moment of the country. We are happy to promote higher education in Design to improve the development of South America. 

cammarata gioieli

lentate sul seveso, italy

Fabio Cammarata, one of the most sensitive jewelry designers from Italy, starts a relationship with Dínoma on the early 2009. The idea was to develop a strategy to launch his “People’s Collection” for the Couture Show in Las Vegas. It started with a strategy concept that has been since then, the compass for the development of his professional and personal life.