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Design Team: Camilo Ayala G, Luis Angarita, Juliana Cabrera, Freddy Oyuela. 2004
Design Team: Camilo Ayala G, Kalyani Mehendale. 2009
Design & Engineering Team: Camilo Ayala G, Alejandro Marañon, Juan Pablo Casas, Luis Mateus, Amparo Quijano, Francisco Herrán. 2012
Design Team: Camilo Ayala G, Dante Donegani, Giovanni Lauda. 2008




A project Developed during my master´s studies was in idea to integrate spices into the food as an aesthetic complement to the dish, adding freshness and aroma to de dining experience. By integrating the desired spice for the meal, the act of eating becomes a ritual enriched with gifts of nature for the five senses.



Starting in parallel my job as professor of the design department at Universidad de los Andes, I was invited to collaborate as research associate for the mechanical engineering department as product designer for an immense project for the Colombian army. The main goal was to find the proper ways to protect the soldiers from any kind of impact (bullet or mine).  Important as well was the possibility to add maximum comfort without compromising the protection. After 3 years of development we came out with 5 products (waistcoats, boots and helmets) that were ahead to the actual local market in terms of design, materials and production viability. 

Patents of the developed products are granted.



a group of design ideas

founded in 2005 with our first business friend.


Design Team: Camilo Ayala G, Satoru Miyazaki, Ieva Kaleja. 2007



While working at CD&I Associates for Salvarte, we were assigned with the task to develop products that can evolve the traditional handcrafted technique of cañaflecha (One of the ancient treasures of Colombian natives) weaving into something more close to the modern challenges and make it a sustainable source for Zenú tribes economy.  The result was a collection of accessories that became a trend of the moment spreading around the world the language of Colombian crafts with  high standards of quality and innovation. 




Looking to develop new typologies of products we came with the idea to create a product that instead of being an accessory can become a system of interchangeable skins for everyday use. By studying the ancient Egyptian belief that the body and soul are bonded together, but that the soul is the one that carries life, we develop a bag that can have a soul, in which the user can carry its everyday objects and belongings. This soul is accompanied with a variety of bodies that can be quickly interchanged depending on the mood or style the person is having during the day of for a specific occasion. 

The Idea was presented during "Salone 2009" and afterwards taken by O bag (Fullspot) brand Company who is now producing it.



Here you will find a selection of the most significant projects of my design career. As product designer I have always looked to explore different typologies of products, learning from users and enhancing experiences. By combining my skills I always try to develop products with meaning and value for the ones who will become the end users of my creations. 



rgb diffused lamp

A research made for Rotaliana SpA. while working at Donegani & Lauda Studio in Milan, shows us a market gap and an opportunity to design a hybrid lamp that enhances indoors ambient. By producing an amazing diffused RGB light combined with aroma tablets powered by a fan, the lamp was able to fill one room with a multisensory experience like no other. Inspired by the Greek god of wind, Eolo became a standard choice for indoors experience and a desirable product thanks to the face expression sculpted carefully to build a relationship between the user and the lamp.