- the philosophy of the group.

Friends who believed in our idea compose the Group. Of course we make profit, but is shared and is not only economic. We spend time thinking, constructing and analyzing each one of the businesses of the group. 

Our success key is our creativity and our wish to learn together. We share success. If your business wins, we win. If not, we re think it.

​We have learned through time that nothing is fully written, time change business and the market, but for that reason we need to help you in the transition of that change. We do what we do because we love to do it! We usually prefer small business to work with, mainly because big business are difficult to change. A perfect combination of time, resources and effort will make someone’s business profitable enough to live happy.

founded in 2005 with our first business friend.


a group of design ideas

what is DÍNOMA group?